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Who controls Messi's drama? This script is like an early written

Posted by PennantAyling 
Who controls Messi's drama? This script is like an early written
June 27, 2018 02:05AM
A good movie must have such characteristics:air jordan 10 retroThe protagonist produces color, and the process is ups and downs. The suspense will be announced at the last minute and the outcome is exactly what the audience nike vapormax pluswants to see. In the early morning of June 27th, the fourth round of the World Cup D team, the four teams jointly staged such a "Messi back to life", the development of the plot is in full compliance with the standards of large areas, as if the script has long been written. Argentina wins + Iceland is unbeaten, this is the premise of the protagonist to escape the birth of the heavens, and the promotion of the plot, and finally as the majority of fans (except for the black and white) wishes, in the slightest possible. The protagonist laid the tone for the film early. Messi made a fine stop. Then he broke the deadlock with his right foot. The play began. Take a look at his flying festivities and see his two-fingered days. This is the first climax that brought the audience to the show. On the other side, the Icelanders’ two threat shots tested the nerves of the spectators. It should be noted that if the Vikings scored 3 points, Argentina would not only win, but they would have to win 2 more goals than they did. That can be a bit difficult. In this way, the plot developed in a double line, interlocking, and the audience took care of this, and they had to worry about it. In any good script, this end would sooner or later meet in the end.

The text looks like the mountain is not flat, but the big movie is like a roller coaster. In the second half, the spoiler's "antagonism" emerged. Turkey's referee Fagier (this year's Champions League Juventus vs. Real Madrid, the last minute awarded to Ronaldo's controversial winning penalty) took the limelight. Mascherano was on the defensive. When the ball was placed, it was a very common move but it was severely sentenced to penalty kicks. Nigeria evened the score. Argentina was hung on the edge of the cliff... In fact, Fajir later wanted to learn Chen Xiao Er. It was not an eyebrow. Big eyes can't be the rules of the protagonist. He calls VAR to see Roger's handball in the penalty zone. The one-minute drama is really weighing the audience's appetite. But after all, this is not in line with the needs of the large-scale development of the plot. “The villain” is still not there. The dare has become a protagonist himself. Afterwards, the scene is the “bedding” that the audience is familiar with before the final climax. Nigeria’s counterattacks threatened Argentina’s gates again and again, but they could not shoot. If you are a veteran moviegoer, you will surely have a familiar hunch. When the protagonist makes a fatal blow, he will always be chased by the other person. Just like Altman makes the big move, he must be beaten by the monsters. There are no exceptions. Sure enough, in the 86th minute, Roger hit a fatal blow and the show ushered in a climax before the end. The audience cheered loudly and smiled. This is the scene that the whole world is waiting for, and it is also the perfect ending of the wonderful screenplay. Even Messi gets on the body, letting the teammates sing and running to celebrate, and it also meets the default rules that the protagonist must face in the key footage. . In order to cater for the ups and downs, Iceland once equalized the score in the second half and made the hearts of the Argentine re-suspended. When the 91st minute of Croatia cracked the suspense, the blue and white fans in the stands cheered and cheered. The drama of the progress of the line and its convergence in one place is thrilling: Just like this, let's go!

By the way, if you use this article to hint at any behind-the-scenes intrigue, it would be wrong. Such a wonderful script arrangement, and the promotion of such an exquisite plot, is impossible to be done by any gaming company or gambling group. Don't talk about ridiculous conspiracy theories. Don't try to understand and pretending to be a masterpiece like a layman. The script of a football game is so wonderful and uplifting. It is by no means human to control. Only God can write it. .

In other words, this is football.
Re: Who controls Messi's drama? This script is like an early written
June 27, 2018 03:34AM
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20180627 linlijun b
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