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wear-resisting compound floor

Posted by xiao1236 
wear-resisting compound floor
June 09, 2017 06:46AM
<p>Aggrandizement floor leaves seam have the following kinds of cases roughly: Floor termination occurrence triangle is seamed, at the same time occurrence triangle seams termination and side, there still perhaps is crack in side at the same time, and appear inside the room irregular distributing. Be what reason brings about a floor to leave after all seam? What does the way that settles floor break have? Along with small make up discuss together discuss. </p>
<p> The account that aggrandizement floor break produces</p>
<p>(1) moistureproof film concatenate place breathes freely the odd side that cause expands</p>
<p>The concatenate place of moistureproof film when aggrandizement wood floor is installed was not stuck with waterproof adhesive plaster severe, a side of the floor is above moistureproof film, a side is in the concatenate place of moistureproof film. Because the concatenate place of moistureproof film does not have useful and waterproof adhesive plaster to stick,father, humidity change is entered bring about edge of a side floor to lengthen, length of two of the floor long sides varies, make triangle of floor termination generation is seamed. The characteristic of this kind of circumstance is: 1. After the floor is installed, seam without trigonometry, ;2 happens after use period of time. The two side moisture content of ground batten is abhorrent, differ commonly 2% above;Moistureproof film is seen was not stuck with waterproof adhesive plaster after the floor ravels severe. </p>
<p>This kind of problem is complained in floor triangle aperture have the proportion that comparative, moistureproof film must be stuck with waterproof adhesive plaster severe, ensure airtight, can avoid the generation of the problem. </p>
<p>(2) installs quality problem</p>
<p>In floor installation, because exert oneself to do sth. when installation not all, bring about a floor to produce trigonometry gap, arrowhead direction is taut the gap that can eliminate trigonometry aperture and side. The characteristic of this kinds of problem is: </p>
<p>1. There is trigonometry to seam;2 after the floor is installed. Floor side has aperture After the floor ravels, moistureproof film already used waterproof adhesive plaster stick severe;4. Floor by taut hind the aperture;5 that can eliminate trigonometry aperture and side. The the earth's surface is rough, walk on the floor with the foot, floor fluctuation is vibratile, the feeling is very sick, companion has the sound </p>
<p>(3) humidity control is undeserved. When the bedroom long-term and unmanned when living, if did not adjust in time indoor humidity, bring about a floor to systole arises to seam or have arch appearance. </p>
<p>Aggrandizement floor break handles method introduction</p>
<p>Encounter this kind of situation, householder can watch period of time first, wait for break to have 45 millimeter dirt of mud of thick, stockpile during, buy of bakelite pink to be filled with dish, drip to rinse agitate comes oar shape, brush clean cranny again, gush of in a way enters clear water, fill bakelite pink oar can. Normally oar of pink of bakelite of one late time works to written guarantee fully hard, wooden floor but as usual trample. </p>
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June 09, 2017 07:50AM
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