OACS TIP Line Phone number 1-800-222-TOPS (8477)
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About Us

The Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers is a not-for-profit charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (registration no. 890147796RR0001) and managed by a Board of Directors.

Our Board is comprised of volunteers from across the province representing local Crime Stoppers programs, police services and other crime prevention partners.

The Board meets monthly to discuss new Crime Stoppers initiatives, community outreach activities and issues facing local programs.

The goals of the OACS Board include:

  • To advise and assist new and current Crime Stoppers programs
  • To assist and maintain training standards for all Crime Stoppers programs
  • To distribute information about Crime Stoppers programs to a local, national and international audience
  • To strive for excellence in performance through an annual awards program
  • The Ontario Association of Crime Stoppers works with other Crime Stoppers programs on a national and international level as it represents Ontario at the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association and Crime Stoppers International.